Even if it is in a garage in Yonkers.

Considering the time of year and we are searching for sources of joy, I thought I would freshen this one up and share it again. Joy is where you allow your self to find it in moments big and small.

The first snow fall of the year. The smile on a stranger’s face. In pizza man’s garage.

...a "temporary assignment" ©

Years ago, I  used to wander over to the SI website to check out Extra Mustard in hopes of finding  something that would elicit a wince, giggle or guffaw.

One day, they featured a  link to a You Tube of the Foo Fighters, playing in some guy’s garage in Yonkers, New York.  It was “the pizza man” – at least that is what he went  by on the title of the video.  He had won some contest, and the prize?  To  have Dave Grohl and his band mates  play a set  – in his garage.

Now I know that the music world lives and dies by the gimmick and slick marketing.  I was not born yesterday. And I know that the Foo Fighters had a new album being released. I understand buzz has to be created in advance of that, and what better venue  than You Tube.

But just because…

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