The congregation needs it.

Never underestimate the impact your thoughts, words and deeds may have on another.

While you may be involved in a minor skirmish, another might be engaged in a full out battle.

Your daily homily might be the one event in another’s life that turns the tide.

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“The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today”
― St. Francis of Assisi

Kind contact:

A smile.

Looking them in the eyes when you talk.

A handshake.

Pat on the back.

Hand on the shoulder.

A hug.

Kind words:


“How are you”

“You first”.

“How can I help you?”

“Is everything ok?”

“Let me get that for you”.

“I really appreciate that.”

“You did good.”

“Thank you.”

Kind works: 

Opening a door.

Letting someone merge.

Fixing a flat.

Paying their toll.

Shoveling the walk.

Bringing them lunch.

Taking them home.

At first blush, these small acts might seem kind of inconsequential.  Irrelevant.  Trivial. Small.

Perhaps.  But only to me. The one on the giving end.

How about those that are on the receiving end?

To them, these small acts may be the biggest, best and most affirming things to happen to them that…

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Author: Mark J. Hahn

"To be there when the light goes on." Those few, powerful words, succinctly sum up my quest as a coach. That is really what it is all about. This is precisely what drives me. To have good fortune shine upon me briefly so that I can be present at that very moment. The instant of revelation. When the years of heavy lifting results in it making sense for someone else. The almost audible “click”, followed instantaneously by an unmistakable incandescence. The illumination that can only accompany accomplishment. To see bean in the eyes, the look on the face, a change in stature and the air of confidence overtake and envelope the protoge, the “project” or the late bloomer. That is why I am in it. There may never be a stat for achieving those kinds of victories. But it is by far the most important “w” I will ever achieve.

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