When facing the great unknown.

At this time of year, there is always this sense of great anticipation.  A longing.

 And hope.

An opportunity to gain some sense of closure.

To finish.

Just as we endeavor to press ahead into the great unknown.

All while staying fully engaged in the moment.

My sense is that this little one, and others like her, appreciate the gravity of this opportunity more so than most.


Circling the date.  

Measuring time.  

Enduring the tests.  

Awaiting the results.


And over.

And over.

Desperately seeking to put it all behind.

To finish.

Mustering the courage to smile while relentlessly pressing ahead.

With hope.

Steadfastly leading the way.

And remaining fully present for those all around them.


Like Emma Rose.

One  uncommon flower.

So as you strive to put ‘16 in the rearview and begin to apply the finishing touches to your plans for the great unknown that is ’17, I urge you to pause and reflect.

It is easy to get too far ahead of yourself.

So take heed and don’t let things get away from you.

Set aside just a few of those precious minutes.

And choose to spend them like Emma.

Come to the aid of another.

With a thought.

A whispered prayer.


A smile.

Just be present.

For that helps the most.

When facing the great unknown.

Please follow their journey

Caringbridge: https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/emmarosepaulson

Team Emma Rose Facebook https://www.facebook.com/teamemmarose4/

Emma Rose P4P Facebook http://www.facebook.com/emmarose4p


Author: Mark J. Hahn

"To be there when the light goes on." Those few, powerful words, succinctly sum up my quest as a coach. That is really what it is all about. This is precisely what drives me. To have good fortune shine upon me briefly so that I can be present at that very moment. The instant of revelation. When the years of heavy lifting results in it making sense for someone else. The almost audible “click”, followed instantaneously by an unmistakable incandescence. The illumination that can only accompany accomplishment. To see bean in the eyes, the look on the face, a change in stature and the air of confidence overtake and envelope the protoge, the “project” or the late bloomer. That is why I am in it. There may never be a stat for achieving those kinds of victories. But it is by far the most important “w” I will ever achieve.

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