Why not you?

To be a champion?

Talent for sure.

Character – “check”.

A level of commitment to expend an uncommon effort in the here and the now. An act that will create an opportunity to do the same in the  future.


To each other.


To the team. The program. And tradition.

A deep,  abiding and lasting faith in one another.


And in the mission.

A saintly embodiment of perseverance.

The learned and practiced quality that moves one to embrace the uncertainty, channel the anxiety and face the  adversity  that is inherent in the journey.


The keen sight of an unwavering brand of leadership that focuses on – and – brings focus to each stage of the mission.


An unrelenting pursuit of the objective.

To be a champion.

A matter of destiny?


“Their turn.”


The outcome of “paying your dues” ?

The “third time is the charm?”

Think not.

To be a champion?


To maximize your talent and reveal your character in the process.


To work.  To work some more.  And then work some more again.


To dedicate that work not to you – but to the one there next to you.



To lean into every challenge, seek out the  unknown, see the opportunity that resides in all adversity and release yourself from all anxiety.


To emboss that shared vision within your heart, mind and soul.


To give no quarter.

And welcome the fact that you will not be getting any in return.


To believe.

Like champions do.

They did.


Why not you?



Author: Mark J. Hahn

"To be there when the light goes on." Those few, powerful words, succinctly sum up my quest as a coach. That is really what it is all about. This is precisely what drives me. To have good fortune shine upon me briefly so that I can be present at that very moment. The instant of revelation. When the years of heavy lifting results in it making sense for someone else. The almost audible “click”, followed instantaneously by an unmistakable incandescence. The illumination that can only accompany accomplishment. To see bean in the eyes, the look on the face, a change in stature and the air of confidence overtake and envelope the protoge, the “project” or the late bloomer. That is why I am in it. There may never be a stat for achieving those kinds of victories. But it is by far the most important “w” I will ever achieve.

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